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Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria


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Mc Eazy
Mc Eazy
Mc Eazy
Mc Eazy
Mc Eazy

During the wedding reception, the multifaceted responsibility of the Master of Ceremony (MC) is to keep the agenda flowing smoothly by skillfully capturing and maintaining the attention of the wedding guests effectively directing their attention on whatever the bride and groom have chosen to include

keeping the wedding attendees informed so at any given moment they know what is happening
comfortably guiding the bride's and groom's friends and family so they know what they are supposed to do to participate
i have frequently undergone extensive online training in the following areas:

Delivering applause cues
Presenting introductions
Microphone technique
Posture and stance
Voice inflection
contact Mc Eazy now lets get it started..
Wedding specialist

A Compere/Comedian/ comedy script writer with a class and a great sense of humor. My location is Lagos but i move around even beyond Africa.

Pricing Info

₦40,000 - ₦300,000

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