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Ondo Civic Center (hall B)
Ondo Civic Center (hall B)
Ondo Civic Center (hall B)
Ondo Civic Center (hall B)
Ondo Civic Center (hall B)
Ondo Civic Center (hall B)
Ondo Civic Center (hall B)
Ondo Civic Center (hall B)
Ondo Civic Center (hall B)
Ondo Civic Center (hall B)
Ondo Civic Center (hall B)
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Ondo Civic Center (hall B)

Ondo West, Ondo

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Standing tall in the heart of Ondo town is a compelling and very imposing edifice called the “Oba Adesanoye Civic Center”. The Center, with its beauty and magnificence, is a unique structure that is well suited for social activities of the Ondo. It is also an inviting place for visitors to Ondo Kingdom to observe the murals of the native activities on the concrete fascia, at the stage and timber doors. It may satisfactorily go for a tourist attraction.

The building, which is without any doubt, the best of its kind in Ondo State, also takes care of the business life of the people with its offices, rentable committee halls, and tiered conference center with cultural court. It is designed to be serviced by a bank operation within the Complex. A further look into the Civic Center, which was conceived as a simple but functional epic building reflects the following:

• An entrance courtyard for cultural display, drumming, exchange of greetings and paying homage, etc, according to Ondo tradition.

• An entrance foyer as a grand design to accommodate various activities such as enquirer, information, reception, and general circulation of people leading to either the hall, the toilets/staircases and to the Mezzanine floor.

• Conference/Committee Halls are located on one side of the Entrance Courtyard; and an addition of a Banking Hall on the other side.

• The Main Hall measures about 40 meters long by 25 meters wide, opening out by the two long sides to deep verandas serving as sun shades to the Hall. The two long corridors/verandas have tapered decorated 300 mm. diameter reinforced concrete columns spaced at intervals to support the concrete gutter and the fascia board. One of the concrete fascia boards opened to the public view, is decorated with molded relief showing the traditional styles of the Ondo.

• The Medium Hall that sits about 600 people is designed for efficient natural light through the large aluminium glazed openings with fixed top arches on both sides of the Hall.

• The Hall is about eight meters high with its ceiling finished with well decorated polished timer slats. The exotic use of local timber is shown also in the state walls with assorted colors of acoustic timber slats to depict some traditional motif.

The timber decor at the stage creates a warm and inviting focus as the centre show piece of the Hall. The large stage is about nine metres deep with a width of nearly the width of the Hall. The floor of the Hall slopes gradually from the entrance to the stage to enable total vision above the front seats. The floor of the Hall is finished with terrazzo and the stage with ceramic tiles. The upper gallery on the Mezzanine floor is a U- shaped concept recessed enough from the Main Hall with railings of moulded concrete balustrades.



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