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Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
Nikoms Event Center
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Nikoms Event Center

Lagos Mainland, Lagos

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Welcome to Nikoms Event Center. Nikoms is a classical multi-functional event hall, situated in a serene environment in the heart of Lagos mainland.

It is equipped to host a wide range of events from birthdays, weddings, religious activities, burial ceremony and exhibitions to a memorable world class concerts and shows.

We are one of Lagos best-priced events venue. We work hard to ensure you have the best deal in town. We have package deals that will save you time, money and headaches, with special discounts on non-peak days and full complement of happy personnel ready to answer all your throbbing questions.

We are well equipped with several options of arrangement for your event, with collapsible, yet movable stage to serve you anywhere within the hall.

We are dynamic, flexible, and always eager to host your very next master class event‰л_.try us today.

Nikoms Events Centre is located at 1 Taylor Drive, Entrance on Edmund Crescent, Yaba Lagos, which is a central location from any part of Lagos. The hall is positioned at a discernable and a secured area. We are about ten minutes away from the ever popular third mainland bridge (Adekunle end).

Our Facilites:

Large Air Conditioned Event Hall

We provide an atmosphere that is friendly and conducive for your various forms of events.

Exclusive Interior Decor / Drapes

The hall interior is decorated with an exquisite ceiling and wall drapes for your aesthetic and world class events.

700 - 1000 Capacity

The event hall can seat about 700 guest for a banquet settings and 1000 guest for a theatre /conference settings.

Male or Female Toilets

A fully air conditional room with conveniences where the celebrants and friends can change.

Dedicated Celebrant Car Park

There is an ample parking space for the celebrant within the event premises.

Secure Parking Space for Guests

In addition to the parking spaces for the celebrant and families, there are other parking lots made for the guests.

Uninterrupted Water Supply

There is constant water supply as well as the facility for washing area for caterers and other food vendors.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

We ensure an uninterrupted power supply with the use of generator.

Security Personnel

This is also one of our greatest priority during events. The hall management ensures that the event is done under a secure atmosphere and environment.

Other Utilities

Cinema viewing, movie premieres, sit com, comedy shows, stage plays, concerts, fashion shows, launches, , trainings, award ceremonies, sports festivals, examinations, symposia, exhibitions, and many more. Other services Nikoms Events Centre can render include: ushering, special



Parking spaces


43 allProjector

Air Condition

26 -Sound System- (sound, audio, play, music)Created with Sketch.Sound System

Indoor Changing Rooms

Catering Services


Musical Instrument

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₦ 660,000


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