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Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Fifth Chukker Open Space
Event Centre
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Fifth Chukker Open Space

Kaduna N., Kaduna

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Fifth Chukker offers professional conference facilities to cater for events of all sizes. Our stunning 3000 hectare resort provides the perfect backdrop and is sure to leave a lasting impression on clients attending your conference. Our immaculate conference centres also have all the necessary equipment as well as internet access, while catering and other services can also be provided.Luxurious accommodation options are also available for guests if it is required.

Choose Fifth Chukker for memorable and entertaining corporate retreats. This luxurious resort is the ideal place for team building, training or any other corporate events. Our magnificent 3000 hectare property is the ideal place to unwind, while we also have a spa for pampering and relaxation. Should you want a little competitive edge, polo, tennis, golf and other sports are on offer to guests during their stay. We also have excellent accommodation options available, while catering and various other services can also be provided.

Host the most memorable wedding by making use of the world-class venue at Fifth Chukker. Serene and beautiful, our 3000 hectare property offers incredible photo opportunities, while our venues can cater for wedding parties of all sizes. The venue is packed with all the necessary facilities, while Fifth Chukker can also provide a wide range of wedding services to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Contact Fifth Chukker today to discuss what you need for your wedding and we will tailor a package for you.

A wedding is meant to be a once in a lifetime event – so make sure that you capture every moment so that you can remember it forever. At Fifth Chukker, we can provide professional wedding photoshoots, capturing all of the glamour and fun throughout the event. Get picturesque shots of the bride and groom after the ceremony, along with entertaining photos of all of your guests enjoying the festivities – all of which are valuable keepsakes that you will enjoy for many years to come. Find out more about our wedding photography services today by contacting Fifth Chukker now.



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If you experience a booking issue that prevents you from being able to complete a booking with Spacebook, and you’re unable to resolve with the Space owner or book another reasonable space with your existing payment, our end users Refund Policy may be applied in this circumstances.

Eligible booking issues.

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  • The space owner fails to provide reasonable access to the booked listing.
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Spacebook will either provide you with a refund or use reasonable efforts to find and book another comparable space with the payment already made. As long as you haven’t made any successful booking or commitment with the Space owner, Spacebook assures you 100% refund fee may apply in some cases.

Initiating a refund.

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