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Blue Island Hotel
Blue Island Hotel
Blue Island Hotel
Blue Island Hotel
Blue Island Hotel
Blue Island Hotel
Blue Island Hotel
Blue Island Hotel

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Blue Island Hotel

12 Independence Avenue, Enugu, Nigeria

    Blue island has four different-sized conference halls with authentic architecture, ideal for receptions and/or conferences, and can accommodate more than 300 people in total.

    You can order professional catering services during your event: from coffee breaks, lunches, dinners or banquets, your event will professionally be catered by our in-house catering staff.

  • The largest conference hall can accommodate 300 people and is decorated with authentic 18th century frescoes. This spacious and beautiful hall can be used not only for conferences and meetings, but also for gala buffets and banquets.
  • The hotel‰лЊs ‰лЯConference‰л hall is suitable for meetings or conferences for up to 300 people. This conference hall is equipped with a small stage, thus it is a convenient place to organize small shows or live performances.
  • For smaller groups of people or training sessions, we can offer our ‰лЯConference‰л or ‰лЯMeeting‰л halls, which can be used to organize small seminars or meetings, and accommodate up to 40 people.
  • The 60 Capacity Conference Hall - #30,000
  • The 100 Capacity JOHNAE & GEORGIA Arena Hall- #40,000
  • The 200 Capacity FRIDA & FRANCIS Pool-side Hall- #60,000
  • Blue Island Arena- #150,000
  • Musical Equipments with DJ- #40,000
  • Musical Equipments with Live Band -#60,000
  • Musical Equipments with MC- #15,000



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₦ 150,000

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