Do you have a flat/room to share or rent? You can make more money today by listing on Spacebook.

What is Spacebook?

Spacebook is the trusted way to experience short lets and serviced apartments in Africa. It provide guests with all the information they need to choose the right apartment at the best price.

Why list on Spacebook?

Spacebook let you focus on providing quality apartment while we take care of technology and marketing, thereby given your apartment the online recognition it needs to make more money.

Make money in 3 steps


List your space for free on Spacebook. Be it a flat, a complete apartment, an extra room or even a hotel room.


Spacebook advertise your space to prospective guests, thereby increasing your online visibility and moving you one step closer to making money.


Guest find your home via Spacebook, and Spacebook facilitate the booking from payment to cancellations to refunds. We have got you covered.
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Since listing our apartments on Spacebook, our revenue have increased drastically. Spacebook has also given us the opportunity to focus more on providing the best in class short let apartments while they focus on technology and marketing for us.

Frequently asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to list?

    Listing on Spacebook is absolutely free.

  • How does Spacebook make money if listing is free?

    Spacebook charges a 10% commission from whatever the guest pays.

  • What information do I need to provide to create an account?

    To create an account with Spacebook, you will need to provide us with the following information: Company Name, Company Email & Phone, Bank Name, Bank Account Name, Bank Account Number. If the bank account is not a business account with the same name as the company name, you must also provide us with the account BVN.

  • What protection do I have against property damage?

    Spacebook allows you to set a caution fee to be paid by the guest before they check-in. Should there be a damage, the caution fee is remitted tp you after filling for a claim. The caution fee is returned to the customer if no claim is filled for 24hours after guest checkout.

  • How do I know when a booking is made?

    Spacebook sends you an email and WhatsApp message when a booking is made. Other notification method for those that have our app include Slack, Push Notification.

  • How can Spacebook help in setting the right price?

    Aside from the fixed price of your apartment, Spacebook allows you to set daily prices to remain competitive and get more guest for your apartment.

  • How and when do I get paid when the guests pay?

    Spacebook pays you 50% of what the the guest paid after booking and pays you the remaining 50% after they check-out. We pay you by doing a direct transfer to your bank account.

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